Our quilting group strives to share knowledge and skills with everyone in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area who has an interest in quilting. Most classes, workshop, demos, and lectures are free for our members.

If anyone is interested in joining us for a virtual meeting and are not a member you can contact us at

Sewing Machine & Basic Supplies include:

Sewing machine, manual, and tools
Extra needles (hand & machine)
Seam ripper
Rotary Cutter
Small cutting board (12 x 18)
Iron and ironing surface
Extension cord<

Should a full size cutting mat or 24” ruler be required for a specific class, they will be provided by LNT.


IMPORTANT:  If Jefferson County Schools are closed or if they close early because of inclement weather on our meeting day, our meeting will be cancelled.

Check particular meeting locations prior to the meeting time as it is sometimes necessary to change the location at the last minute.

If you missed signing up for an event during our meetings you can email


Jul 15 10:00 – 2:00 Cuddle Care – Snowballs

(C. J. Joaquin)

Fabric Requirements:

Background: 25” X 40”

Print: 30” X 40”

Cutting Instructions:

Background Fabric A: Cut 5 “squares (36 total)

Print Fabric B: Cut 5 “squares (36 total) and Cut 2 ½” squares (36 total)


Scissors/Rotary Blade, Cutting mat, iron, thread, needle/sewing machine, pencil/friction pen, pins.


  1. Take your Fabric C squares and make a diagonal line using pencil Friction pen or marker on the wrong / back side of the fabric. If you want to use all the scraps make an additional mark ½ “ toward the outer corner of the square.
  2. With the 5” square of Fabric A/background with the wrong side down on the table place the marked 2 ½ “ in the left upper corner. The 2 ½ side will be face down so you can see where to sew. Sew on the line (s) and you can clothsline / stitch all the Fabric A and C’s. If you made the second diagonal line, now sew these as well.
  3. Set seams with your iron. At ¼” from the sewn line (and between the two sewn lines) trim the corner. This is the snowball technique. Press the new square to the dark. (If you made the 2nd sew on the 2 ½” square, set the cut area and press open and set aside).
  4. Sew the new square to the Fabric B being consistent so that the print abuts against the snowballed side of the new square. You may clothesline all these.
  5. Set seams with your iron. Press to the dark consistently.
  6. Looking at two sewn pieces, place right sides together with the print opposite each other and the small ½ print touching in the middle.
  7. Set seams with your iron. Press open consistently. Trim to 9 ½ squares.
  8. Arrange in rows of 4 across and 4 down. See picture options for design. Then sew rows of 4 blocks across. Then sew block line rows together.

Take your little made snowball scraps and make a new quilt or make a border of the scraps for this quilt. If you want to make this quilt out of smaller pieces you can do so by using a jelly roll so you have 2 ½” squares and 1 ½” squares….Have fun!

Zoom meeting

July 17 5 pm – 6pm LNT Pick Up/Drop Off Opportunity

Side parking lot of the Jeffersonian Weather Permitting

Drop off any of these:

Donations for QDO

  • Plastic bottle tops for Mary
  • Plastic Kroger type bags for Luann
  • Maryhurst Bags
  • Cuddle Care quilts
  •  Cuddle Care tops needing to be quilted
  •  Solid colored binding for Cuddle Care (4 WOF cut 2 ½” wide, stitched together and ironed in half)
  •  Small fabric scraps for Mary to use in crumb quilts and scrap quilts for Cuddle Care.

Pick up either of these:

  • Maryhurst Bag kits
  • Cuddle Care quilts for binding

Committee representatives (Cuddle Care, Maryhurst, Quilters’ Day Out Boutique) will be present.

We will practice social distancing and welcome face masks.

Please note that this is NOT intended as a gathering, just an exchange/swap opportunity

Aug 5 6:30 – 8:00 – LNT Birthday Picnic at Veteran Park

Covid safe. Bring your own picnic/drinks/chairs.

Aug 19 10:00 – 2:00 Postcard Workshop

Jane Sweet Waddy

Get your creative juices flowing while you make quilted postcards perfect for all occasions.  Jane will walk you through the basics for creating a quilted postcard, and then show you variations to make your creations unique.  As the day progresses, you will find yourself planning, improvising, playing with fabric, browsing your machine’s stitches, and thinking about leftover odds and ends in your stash.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of quilters.  Beginner and intermediate quilters will become more proficient working with interfacing, fabric selection, and working with their machine on small, forgiving projects.  Experienced quilters will pick up the process quickly and appreciate the opportunity to design, create, and explore limitless possibilities.     

Supply List for one card:

*6” x 4” on one sided fusible stabilizer (Pellon 71F Peltex Ultra Firm Fusible Stabilizer

*1 sheet 9” x 12” double sided light weight fusible

*1 piece 4” x 6” piece of cardstock 80 – 110 lb weight – light color.

Fabric for background pieces, fabrics for fussy cutting embellishments, and fabric scraps you love. Cards are 4” x 6” so pieces under 5” x 7” are big enough, even smaller pieces can work.

Several colors of thread on spool, light and dark thread for bobbins. Great use for holiday and novelty fabrics.

Scraps for flat embellishment such as ribbons, rick rack, lace, cord, translucent fabrics, etc. You won’t need much, but it’s fun to have a selection.

Glue Stick – white, like Elmer’s All Purpose Glue Stick

Scissors for fussy cutting – Optional: I recommend a pair like Karen Kay Buckley’s micro serrated blades or at least a pair with fine, sharp points.

Sewing machine with at least a zigzag stitch. *Presser foot with wide opening (suitable for decorative stitches)

Basic sewing supplies with rotary cutter and cutting board

Iron and pressing cloth

If you are comfortable free motion quilting, bring your hopping foot. Technique will not be taught, but is an option when embellishing.

I will have *supplies for sale if you’d like to purchase them.

71F Peltex – 30¢ a piece (4” x 6”)

Flexifuse double sided light weight fusible – $1 for 10 1/2” x 10 pre cut sheets or $7 per yard 21” width. Will cut in 1/4 or 1/2 yard lengths on site.

Cardstock 85 lb. 4” x 6” precut pieces, assorted pastel colors – 25¢

Here’s a link to many of the postcards I have made to give people an idea for fabrics. Also, you’ll notice I’ve used orphan blocks as backgrounds, too. 

Location – Jeffersonian – Kentucky Room – 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Sep 2 6:30 – 8:30 Demo: “Designing with Stripes

Marilou Jacob

Location – Jeffersonian – Kentucky Room – 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Sep 16 10:00 – 2:00 Cuddle Care – “Pinwheels with a Twist”

Sandy Davis

Location – Jeffersonian – Watterson Room – 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Oct 7 6:30 – 8:30 Demo: Two Methods for Joining Quilts by Sections; Adding Wavy Borders

(Barbara Rogers)

Location – Jeffersonian – Kentucky Room – 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Oct 21 10:00 – 2:00 Chenille Project

Linda Slye & Julie Mackell

Location – Jeffersonian – Kentucky Room – 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Nov 4 6:30 – 8:30 Batting, Needles, and Thread! Oh my!

(Julie M. or Volunteer)

Location – Jeffersonian – Kentucky Room – 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Nov 18 10:00 – 2:00 “Carpenter’s Wheel” Quilt

(Pam Soto)

Location – J-town Fire Dep #2 meeting room – 4318 Taylorsville Road
Jeffersontown, KY  40220

Dec 2 6:30 – 8:30 LNT Christmas Potluck

Location – Jeffersonian – Kentucky Room – 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Dec 16 10:00 – 2:00 No Meeting