Kentucky State Fair

Louisville Nimble Thimbles is always well represented in exciting Textile Division of the Kentucky State Fair.

Volunteer opportunities abound during the fair. Before and after the fair volunteers help with “Intake Days” and “Return the Items” day, getting to see the quilts being brought in and returned to the owners. Also before the fair, volunteers assist the judges, recording their comments on the evaluation sheets. This is an outstanding source of valuable information!

Volunteers work at the Textile Area Information Desk throughout the fair, helping visitors find items, recording suggestions and comments, and taking names for fair premium books for the next year.

The Textile Division always has an “Invasion of the Monster Dolls” day (or two), during which little ones choose a body, hair, and eyes, and volunteers stuff and sew up the bottoms to help create a Monster doll the child can keep.

Last, but not least, is Louisville Nimble Thimble Day at the Fair. Members work on charity projects in a booth and get to visit with all the people who are interested in our guild, our projects, and quilting in general.

Many of our members enter their beautiful quilts in the fair, and many ribbons are won each year.  In 2018 nine members won a total of eighteen ribbons in the Textile Division!!

As you can see, August is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year for our Louisville Nimble Thimbles.

August 20, 2018 – LNT Day at the Fair

Workers at the LNT demo booth stitched away on Maryhurst bags and Cuddle Care quilts. Lots of fair visitors stopped to talk with us about the things we were doing and ask questions about the guild.