Kentucky State Fair

August 22, 2022

From Susan Wolfe
Love the Fair? Can’t get enough of all the Quilts, cows and corn dogs? Consider

participating in LNT Day at the Fair.

Making a quilt – start to finish – is our theme for the 2022 LNT Day at the Fair.

This year we will be actively working on Cuddle Care quilts. We hope to show

fairgoers the work, care, fun and comradery that goes into their making.

Participants will receive a free ticket to park and enter the fair grounds for the

day. Available time slots are listed in the Sign-up Book


August 20, 2018 – LNT Day at the Fair

Workers at the LNT demo booth stitched away on Maryhurst bags and Cuddle Care quilts. Lots of fair visitors stopped to talk with us about the things we were doing and ask questions about the guild.