Welcome to Louisville Nimble Thimbles!
Our guild has quilters of all skill levels who are eager to show and share their quilting experiences through classes, programs, workshops, and activities that will make your quilty heart sing!

Each year LNT hosts the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society’s President’s Challenge Trunk Show, which showcases winners of the previous year’s challenge.   For last year’s challenge, quilters found a picture to use as color inspiration, and created a quilt using three to seven colors from the picture.  These quilts were shared last February and enjoyed by many members and guests.

LNT has been a long-time participant in the annual Quilters’ Day Out, a gathering of KHQS’ District 6 guilds. The guilds come together one day a year, usually in February, to celebrate our love of all things quilting.  It’s a day of camaraderie, sharing, shopping, and just plain fun!

The Kentucky State Fair in August is a busy time.  LNT members have opportunities to volunteer in the textile and quilt division before, during, and after the fair, and we also have a special day for sharing our work with visitors to the quilts exhibits.

LNT is a 501c3 non-profit, charitable organization with several opportunities available for our members to “give back” to our local community.  Our Cuddle Care quilts are for patients of Norton Children’s Hospital and other charities.  We also make Weekend Bags for the girls at Maryhurst.  One meeting each quarter is devoted to these projects, and members are generous about making more quilts and bags at home to donate throughout the year.

The best part of finishing quilts might just be sharing them with fellow quilters.  Show and Tell is a special time at each meeting to be inspired by the work of our fellow artists. So, peruse our website, join us at a meeting, read through a newsletter, and contact us with any questions.  We would love to have YOU join our thriving, vibrant, and FUN quilting guild in Louisville, Kentucky!