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Cuddle Care

July 15, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


C. J. Joaquin

Fabric Requirements:

Background: 25” X 40”

Print: 30” X 40”

Cutting Instructions:

Background Fabric A: Cut 5 “squares (36 total)

Print Fabric B: Cut 5 “squares (36 total) and Cut 2 ½” squares (36 total)


Scissors/Rotary Blade, Cutting mat, iron, thread, needle/sewing machine, pencil/friction pen, pins.



  1. Take your Fabric C squares and make a diagonal line using pencil Friction pen or marker on the wrong / back side of the fabric. If you want to use all the scraps make an additional mark ½ “ toward the outer corner of the square.
  2. With the 5” square of Fabric A/background with the wrong side down on the table place the marked 2 ½ “ in the left upper corner. The 2 ½ side will be face down so you can see where to sew. Sew on the line (s) and you can clothsline / stitch all the Fabric A and C’s. If you made the second diagonal line, now sew these as well.
  3. Set seams with your iron. At ¼” from the sewn line (and between the two sewn lines) trim the corner. This is the snowball technique. Press the new square to the dark. (If you made the 2nd sew on the 2 ½” square, set the cut area and press open and set aside).
  4. Sew the new square to the Fabric B being consistent so that the print abuts against the snowballed side of the new square. You may clothesline all these.
  5. Set seams with your iron. Press to the dark consistently.
  6. Looking at two sewn pieces, place right sides together with the print opposite each other and the small ½ print touching in the middle.
  7. Set seams with your iron. Press open consistently. Trim to 9 ½ squares.
  8. Arrange in rows of 4 across and 4 down. See picture options for design. Then sew rows of 4 blocks across. Then sew block line rows together.

Take your little made snowball scraps and make a new quilt or make a border of the scraps for this quilt. If you want to make this quilt out of smaller pieces you can do so by using a jelly roll so you have 2 ½” squares and 1 ½” squares….Have fun!



July 15, 2021
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


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