LNT at the 2021 KY State Fair

First off, we’d like to thank the Textile Department organizers and volunteers for all the hard work they did to get ready for this year’s state fair. Given all the issues surrounding COVID-19, it was nothing short of miraculous. Ask any fair goer and they’ll undoubtedly say that the quilt and textile displays are on their must-see list. It’s a tradition and an integral part of our history. You continue to honor that tradition and move it forward into the future. Thank you!

Nine of our LNT members entered items this year, ranging from traditional bed quilts to modern wall hangings and clothing items. From those entries, our members won 22 ribbons, yes 22!

  • Best Machine Quilting – Bed (1)
  • Blue Ribbons – 1st (7)
  • Red Ribbons – 2nd (3)
  • White Ribbons – 3rd (5)
  • Pink Ribbons – 4th (3)
  • Honorable Mention (3)


We’d really like to encourage everyone to consider entering next year’s state fair. Whether you win a ribbon or not, it’s a thrill to see your quilt hung up there for everyone to enjoy.

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