November 26, 2019 – Maryhurst Bag Cutting Day

Eight LNT members had a blast “cutting up” at Maryhurst while “cutting out” fabric for Maryhurst bags.  Thanks to a generous donation from Boone Fabrics, we were able to cut fabric to make 320 bags to give to the young people at Maryhurst.  And we still have more fabric!

The cut bags filled both the front and back seats of Bettie’s car.


Debra and Mary wrestled with the empty bolts to prepare them to return to Boone’s.

Many thanks to Boone Fabric for donating the fabric, to Maryhurst for providing an area to work, and to Bettie, Mary, and Ruth Ann for coordinating the effort.

Bag kits are available for members who wish to sew at home, and a sewing day will be scheduled for next year for the guild.

Piecefully yours,




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