August 2, 2019 – History Stitched in Quilts

Several LNT members enjoyed an outing to the Filson Club to hear this program given by LNT member Maureen Lane, who is the Filson’s Museum Registrar and Exhibits Coordinator.  Maureen shared information on quite a few quilts based on the patterns, materials, methods, and technologies of the day, as well as personal narratives of the men and women who made them, including the broader social, economic, and cultural histories of nearly 200 years of history in the Ohio River Valley.

Several quilts were brought out from storage for visitors to examine in person.  One of these was a quilt made by the first Louisville Nimble Thimbles!

This label was sewn on back.

Also sewn on back were the embroidered signatures of each person who worked on the quilt.

When Maureen first came across this quilt in the Filson archives, she noticed the LNT hot air balloon, so started there in seeking background information on the quilt.  Her search led her to Pat Sturtzel, one of the listed quilters.  In response to Maureen’s inquiry, Pat was able to provide this history of the quilt:

Below are pictures of some of the other quilts brought out from storage for the program.

This was yet another delightful and informative experience for LNT members!  Thank you, Maureen!

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