July 25, 2019 – Cuddle Care Bind-A-Thon

The Cuddle Care Bind-A-Thon was a huge success.  This could not have been possible without 1) the planning of our esteemed Cuddle Care Committee, and 2) the graciousness of the Sewing and Vacuum Authority at 8118 Preston Highway who allowed us to use their private sewing room for the day, and even provided lunch!  The tops that were quilted at the Cuddle Care-A-Thon last week at Quilted Joy were ready to have binding attached.  Some people sewed all day and then took home more quilts to bind at home.  LNT is such a generous group!

Not calling any names, but someone was caught trying to avoid getting in the picture.

A few stayed much later, and things got just a little crazy.

Again, thanks to Sewing and Vacuum Authority for being a marvelous host!

Piecefully yours,


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