July 18, 2019 – Cuddle Care-A-Thon

Every year we are so fortunate that member Angela Huffman makes her quilting studio, Quilted Joy, available to LNT members for a day of quilting many of the tops we’ve made for the babies and children at Norton’s Children’s Hospital.  The day before, the Cuddle Care Committee and helpers loaded the long arm machines with backing and batting, so that quilting could begin as soon as the first person arrived on “CC Day”.  The inspiration of many quilts hanging throughout the room make Quilted Joy a perfect spot for quilting.


Some long-armers, especially the new ones, took their jobs very seriously.

Others were emboldened by applause (or prayers) and gasps or astonishment at the awesomeness of it all.

We had more than just the long-armers, though.  There were those who sewed on binding, ironed the tops before they were quilted, provided goodies, supervised, laughed, and all those other things that can happen when over two dozen quilt-lovers are in one room together with machines and quilty stuff.

Take a look at this most amazing binding!  Several could not believe how perfect it was, but upon closer examination, it was truly beyond compare.

Many, many thanks to Debbie and the Cuddle Care Committee for all their preparations in making the day a success!  Over 24 members showed up to help, and 36 quilts were quilted.

On Thursday, June 25, we will meet to sew on bindings at the Sewing and Vacuum Authority, 8118 Preston Highway.  Be prepared for another productive and fun-filled day!

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