April 20, 2019 – Bargello Class

Many thanks to Denise Carter for being our special guest instructor.  She has made many Bargello quilts and we appreciate her willingness to share with us.

These are just a few of the Bargello quilts Denise has made.

This is the bargello pattern she taught us today.

To make a bargello quilt, strips are first cut at a specific width and sewn together.  Then these groupings of strips are sewn into a tube, which is cut into the necessary widths and opened at specified seams, and then sewn back together to create an appearance of movement.  Sure.  Nothing to it.  But Denise explained everything so well that we actually knew what we were doing!

Here is how our day processed, from beginning to end.

We ended the day with a portion of the quilt-top done.  Hopefully we will see some finished quilts soon!

Piecefully yours,


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