April 18, 2019 – Maryhurst Bags

Maryhurst – “Saving kids’ lives, strengthening families.”

Maryhurst first opened their doors in 1843 as a home for girls who’d been mistreated and cast aside.  As they grew into the community and learned more about the needs of Kentucky’s most vulnerable kids and families, they added programs designed to prevent abuse, restore hope, and empower survivors.  Their programs currently include Youth and Family Counseling, Residential Programs, Foster Care and Adoption, and Community and Transitional Living.  For more information on Maryhurst, go to maryhurst.org.

One of LNT’s community involvements is making Weekend Tote Bags for the children and youth in Maryhurst’s residential programs so they can carry their belongings to and from weekend visitation in something other than a plastic bag.

Thanks to Betty for preparing kits for this meeting so the members could jump in and start sewing!

“Debbie” is a popular name in our group.  We have four!

Another popular name is “Linda”.  We have three!

And still another popular name in the group is “Susan”.  Hopefully they will all be at the same meeting soon for a “Susan” photo op.

Members who wear their name tags are entered in a drawing.  One of the “Debbie’s” was today’s winner, and was recipient of a cute little sewing pouch.


Peacefully yours,







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