March 21, 2019 – Log Cabin Layouts

The Log Cabin quilt pattern is one of the most beloved and recognized of quilt designs.  While it’s natural to assume that this traditional block originated in the United States during the pioneer days, similar designs have been found on ancient Egyptian mummies and in an English quilt predating 1830.

Log Cabin quilts first made a wide-spread appearance in the United States in the 1860s during the time of the Civil War.  It became wildly popular and was identified with the pioneer spirit and values of America.

Early Log Cabin blocks were hand-pieced using strips of fabrics around a central square.  In traditional Log Cabin blocks, one half is made of dark fabrics and the other half light.  A red center symbolized the hearth of the home and a yellow center represented a welcoming light in the window.

Variations of settings appeared with names reflecting the themes of the times.  The White House Steps, Court House Steps, eight-side Pineapple, Barn Raising, and Sunshine and Shadows are just some of the hundreds of name and pattern variations.

At this meeting Susan shared some history of the Log Cabin, and then showed how to stream-line making the blocks by chain piecing.  Members were then shown the many, many different possibilities for arranging them.

Welcome new members!

Cuddle Care

Debbie loved this donated frog fabric too much to cut into it, so she took it straight to the quilting stage!


At our next Cuddle Care meeting, we will be making quilt blocks and quilt tops with pastel stripes.

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