February 21, 2019 – Wonky Square in a Square

Although this appears to be a very difficult block, it really isn’t, as long as one follows the directions.  This technique starts with four different colored squares.  After cutting and sewing per wonky directions, each participant will end up with four Wonky Square in a Square blocks.  Some beautiful first squares were created.

And some made progress on the other three.  Hope there will be lots more to share at our next meeting!

Even with a little variation in the cutting, the technique still worked!

Show and Tell

Sandy’s sister made her this cute basket for her to use at church when she gives candy to the children.

Kim shared her beautiful Two-Color Quilt with amazing quilting she does on her domestic machine.

Debbie had several Cuddle Care quilts and quilt-tops to show.  Many were made after our last Cuddle Care meeting where we made blocks on a variation of the string block.








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