Nov. 1, 2018 – Non-slip Foot Pedal Pad

A foot pedal that keeps slipping and scooting away from your foot will no longer be a problem for those who attended Marilou’s “Non-Slip Foot Pedal Pad” class.  Even though she said to use ugly fabrics because, after all, it would be on the floor, these pads are beautiful!  We had a great time making these sewing accessories!  Thanks, Marilou!

Guess who?


These three look perfectly innocent, don’t they?  But don’t be fooled.  For a while they had the nickname “The Fabric Thieves”.


Don’t worry, Sandy.  You’ve been a good girl this year, so Santa WILL come to see you and he’ll love your ornaments!

Notice the nice center quilting on this Cuddle Care quilt!

Looking forward to the Fish Quilt that Kim will be teaching in January!

Piecefully yours,


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