October 18, 2018 – Holiday Table Topper

Although this is labeled a “holiday” table topper since the holidays are upon us, fabrics can be changed to make it suitable for any season.  First inspection of this table topper led me to believe it would be incredibly difficult, in spite of Susan W. trying to convince me otherwise.  However, following the “Susan W. Technique”, most of us were able to finish the top in less than three hours!  Now that we know what we’re doing, my guess is that there will be several new toppers to share in the near future.  Thanks, Susan, for an amazing class!


Susan completed the “Gift Box” quilt from the class Robbie recently taught.  What a fun quilt!

Cindy recently took a road trip to Paducah, and had her first experience at Hancock’s of Paducah.  (Overwhelming, to say the least.)  She purchased these two Christmas panels while there.  I especially love how she quilted one with the Attic Window pattern!

Becky finished two Cuddle Care quilts that were started at the recent Cuddle Care meeting.  Children at Norton’s will be delighted to receive these along with the others that are being completed.

Beverly finished her colorful tote bag, and mentioned that this was the first time she’d put a zipper in a bag.  It looks great!

A couple years ago Susan Ho. taught a class on making the faux cathedral window.  Susan W. experimented with making this large size cathedral window that went together in the blink of an eye!  What a great idea when one needs a small quilt quickly!

Susan Wolfe taught the “Double Diamond” a few weeks ago, and Debbie finished hers into a beautiful table runner!  The black is a perfect background!  (The black on the outside of the binding is from photoshop and not part of her runner.  I needed to cover up some blurries.)

Debbie Hof. shared two quilt top samples like we will be making for Cuddle Care next year.  Members, look through your stash and bring in pastel strips, 2-4 inches wide and 16 inch minimum width (WOF would be even better!).  These will be fun to make.

As usual, I am always blown away by the talent of our members.  Thanks to each one of you!

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