February 15, 2018 – KHQS Challenge Quilt Exhibit

It was a pleasure to have Donna Duncan present the KHQS Challenge Quilt Exhibit.  The twenty-six quilts in this exhibit were made in response to Past KHQS President Sarah Scarborough Frye’s challenge to KHQS members.

The Challenge involved finding a picture (photo, painting, etc.) that the quiltmaker liked (this could be one she/he had made, or one from a magazine or online), and, using that picture as color inspiration, choose between three and seven colors to be used in a quilt. The purpose of the picture was for choosing fabrics only; an artistic interpretation or duplication was not necessary.  Only solid fabrics could be used.  The quilts in this trunk show are uniformly sized at exactly 18” wide by 24” long per the Challenge rules.

It was most interesting to hear Donna explain the inspiration for each quilt, thus I have included that information for you to browse as you enjoy the pictures.




After the marvelous and most enjoyable presentation, everyone enjoyed refreshments provided by LNT members and looking at the quilts close-up.