August 16, 2017 – Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie

Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie is an annual, juried exhibition of contemporary art quilts held at the Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany, Indiana.  Since its founding in 2004, the show has become one of the premiere exhibitions of contemporary art quilts in the nation.  Several members recently visited this show.  Enjoy the photos.

This piece was created from cut silk ties.

The tiny squares in the piece below are about 1/2 inch.

It was only after stepping back that we realized the entire quilt is the letter “A”.  The small parts of the letters were painted onto the fabric.

That’s a lot of hand stitching!

The circular quilting is a nice contrast to the plaids and angular pieces.

Each picture of newspapers boys was repeated 3-4 times in different sepia type tones, then quilted with regularly spaced horizontal lines.

Several quilters created interest and texture with matchstick type quilting.

Many tiny quilt-type squares and rectangles were attached to each other and framed.

And a few more pictures.


This free show continues through September 16, 2017.