July 27, 2017 – Sit and Sew

This “all day and into the evening” marathon was so productive!  Last week we quilted fifty quilts at Quilted Joy, and quite a few were taken home to add binding.  Many of these were returned today, and more bindings were added during the day.  Members worked on their UFO’s, Cuddle Care quilts, State Fair entries, and anything else they needed to get done.

Deb is finishing the binding on this wall hanging of one of her mother’s handkerchiefs.  She did the machine quilting on her George, and it is fabulous!  Look for it at the fair.

Terrie is showing Saengeeta how to wrap the cords to use in making baskets.

What would we do without Sarah to keep our membership roll updated?

Pam, one of our newest members, added binding to at least TEN QUILTS!

Sangeeta is mastering the art of hand quilting!

Guess who is working on a Cuddle Care kit?

Pam calls this her campfire quilt because it has the yellow, gold, and red colors of a campfire.  If you look close enough, you’ll see that the quilting has the shapes of flames.

Bindings were added to Cuddle Care quilts, and more quilts were taken home to add more bindings.