July 20, 2017 – Cuddle Care at Quilted Joy

What a day!  The work actually began the day before when Vivian, Betty, and Janet met with Angela and her staff at Quilted Joy to put the backings on six long-arms machines.  Up to ten backings were sewn together so that the quilt tops could be sewn on Thursday one after the other, without taking the time to remove and add backings individually.  Many thanks to these ladies for getting the machines prepared for us!

Thursday was the day for quilting, and what a day it was!  Fifty quilt-tops were quilted, fabric was cut for bindings, more backings were sewn together, and Cuddle Care kits were prepared.  Thanks to Angela and her staff and the sixteen members who were able to help accomplish this.


Barbara Jean did lovely free-motion star quilting on our Quilt of Valor.  The QOV was mostly sewn during a meeting, Linda added the mitered borders, and Marilou will add the binding.  I can’t wait to see the completed quilt!


Several members took quilts home in order to add binding.  More quilts needing binding will be available at the Sit and Sew this Thursday, July 27, at the Birthday Dinner on August 3, and at the following meetings.


It was a most productive and fun day!  Of course, none of this would have been possible if not for all our members’ commitment to Cuddle Care, whether it’s through making quilt tops or completed quilts, donating fabric and/or batting, cutting fabric, preparing kits, quilting, adding the binding, or any of the other things that are necessary in order to make sure the quilts are ready to donate to the many children who receive them.  THANK YOU!