KHQS Donna Duncan Show, Feb. 16, 2017

The Donna Duncan Show this morning was a real treat.  Here are pictures for all to enjoy.


“West Virginia Spring”
by Jean Lucas
Bowling Green, KY

“I Am a Quilter”
by Lucy B. Scott
Yeaddiss, KY

Donna and Luann

close-up of “Haiku-Day”

“Me” with open flap

close-up of “Faith, Hope, Love”
reverse applique

close-up of “Fruit Loops in a World of Cheerios”

close-up of “Lonely Hoosier Girl”

close-up of “We Are”
thread painting

close-up of “Jane’s Journeys”

close-up of “I Am a Quilter”

by Donna A. Duncan
Eminence, KY

“Fruit Loops in a World of Cheerios”
by Sarah Scarborough Frye
Winchester, KY

by Mary Bauer
Crestwood, KY

“Faith, Hope, Love”
by Linda Sanford
Shelbyville, KY

“Save Our Monarchs”
by Joyce Lentz Norris
Floyds, Knobs, IN

“I’m a Fabricologist”
by Debbie Lewis Poole
Frankfort, KY

“Bindings of My Life”
by Sue Marshall
LaGrange, KY

“The King Still Lives (in my heart)”
by Brenda M. Leftwich
Glasgow, KY

“Come Fly With Me”
by Janie S. Willliams
Lexington, KY

“Loney Hoosier Girl”
by Myra S. Arnold
Florence, KY

“We Are”
By Ashley Barton Bandy
Lexington, KY

“Jane’s Journeys”
by Jane Taylor
Union, KY